Fave Friday- Hank’s Edition

Hank's Favorite Things!


Hank wanted a turn, so I told him he could have this Friday’s showcase of favorite things.  He thought hard about it all week, and this is what he came up with:

Number 1 is a little bowl and a letter (letter P).  I am not kidding when I say this is FAVORITE of all FAVORITE things.  I don’t know why, but it is.  He puts the letter in the bowl, and then puts the bowl on the couch, or the tv stand, or the floor, or in the tee-pee, or in his walker, or on me!  The letter always fall’s out, and he always get’s it, and put’s it back in that little bowl.  For over an hour tonight!

Number 2 is Bunny, Bun Bun, or BooBooBunBun.  Hank LOVES Bunny- he sleeps with him, he plays with him.  If he’s cruising by and see’s bunny laying around (bunny is kinda lazy) he always get so excited!! He loves rubbing his baby (and snotty) head into bunny.  I love bunny, because bunny is so CUTE!  Hudson fell in love with a blue donkey from Walmart (I think).  Now of course, we all love Donkey, even if he was born into evil (at Walmart).

Number 3 is SOCKS!  Hank likes to take them off his feet, and try to put them on his head like a hat- but hey, who doesn’t love to do that?

Number 4 is his Hape Wooden Walker.  Hank is just about 16 months and won’t walk on his own???  Which is fine, except for at the sandy wet park.  But boy can he get around with his squeaky old walker.

Number 5 is his Brother!! Hank LOVES Hudson.  Hud’s is the only one that Hank will consistently give those great big wet open mouth baby kisses to.  Ahhhhhhhh brother love!!

And that is this edition of Baby Hank’s Favorite Things!

Does your lass or lad have anything that stands out???

PB&J or Bust

pb and jHudson used to  be such a good lunch eater guy…I could pack some pretty amazingly healthful  sandwiches, like good old  Hummus and Grated Carrot or  Cream Cheese and Avocado- and he would gobble them up, lickety split.

But now, he has put a moratorium on anything non PB&J.  Luckily he has made an allowance and let me swap the Peanut Butter to Almond Butter…so now it’s AB&J or nothing.

Of course, I worry about this, and so far haven’t relented on my mission to MAKE him eat a variety of things- so I still pack the old favorites…but everyday they come back home, with only a few bites gone.  What a waste!

So then I ask myself what is the harm in Almond Butter? You get vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Almonds are a good fiber source and also contain protein. Because of their high monounsaturated fat content, almonds are considered a healthy food choice. Almonds or almond butter provide healthy fat not typically found in foods high in saturated fats.

Essentially, he is still getting nutrition, all that good stuff above, a hit of protein, some good carbs in the whole grain bread we use, and we use homemade Jam, and most importantly he WILL EAT IT!!

I think my instance has also made this more then a lunch issue, but a real true life power struggle between mother and son, and is a bit ruining our lives.  Unnecessary strife over a sandwich- really??  Really, I ask??

So, for these coming weeks I have decided to run an experiment.  I will ask him each day what he wants, and pack him that (clearly it will be AB&J), eliminating the battle, and ensuring that at least the little chap eat’s something.

Who knows, maybe he will grow tired of AB&J, and his body will crave something else.  If not, at least it’s a darn easy make!

What do you other smart mama’s think?  How do you instill a love a variety? Or do you just give in and make what they like and what they will eat?

Do share???


Jamie’s Squash & Spinach pasta rotolo

Here is a yummy Tuesday night dinner for you to try (Jamie Oliver’s Squash Pasta)- it’s a bit labour intensive- not to crazy, but more so then ordering pizza:


jamie's pasta

I’ll give you the gist of it, as you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put it together…oh and it’s from page 34 or Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie book if you want the real dealy-o.

- get a package of fresh lasagna noodles (you know, where they sell the fresh ravioli’s and stuff…)

- roast some squash, scoop out and mash (or pull a bag or your Halloween pumpkin puree!)

-on medium heat sauté some onion, add a whole bunch of fresh spinach, or a package of frozen spinach with some fresh thyme, cook until all the moisture is evaporated out

-empty a jar of good tomato sauce into the bottom of big oven safe dish

- now for the fun, get your pasta sheet, spread some squash on it, then spread some of the spinach/onion mixture, sprinkle some feta and roll on up (fun for the kids to do)

- now cut into 4, and place in the tomato sauce- top with some grated parm

- do this for all of the sheets…and bake for around 35 minutes at 350

I like the idea of this, you can put whatever you want inside the pasta…it was fun to make, and fun to eat (plus it tasted real good- the pasta that cooked in the sauce was all soft and the top bits were crunchy).

Now, please, tell me…what did you have for dinner last night???

Christmas Tree Snow Globes

This charming little Christmas Tree Snow Globe diy is the cutest craft I have ever done! I swear! Even Jeff likes it, which is saying something.

xmas tree globe

I saw the idea on Pinterest, of course…

So, here is what I did:

Go to Michaels (try not to get annoyed at how EXPENSIVE everything is)- get a bag of fake snow, and some mini tree’s.

christmas tree snow globes

Come home- find some mason jars and glue and set up shop.

snow globe

First: Glue your tree’s to the lid’s and let dry

mini christmas tree snow globe

mini christmas tree snow globe



Second: Add just enough snow to cover the lid- of course you don’t want so much snow that it covers your tree

christmas tree snow globe

Third: Put jar over tree and snow and screw on lid.

Fourth: This step may not be necessary for you, but because of my white tree’s and the white snow and the clear jars, I found I needed something for a little contrast, so I cut up 1/2 jar sized pieces of black paper and slid them in behind the tree’s…just to give it a little ‘pop’!

And now you have a truly cool and easy decoration to display somewhere.

christmas tree snow globe

mini christmas tree snow globe


Now, go get your craft on!

Super Cute No Sew TeePee

I did it!! I made a sweet little cute teepee for myself for my kids!  Not only a teepee, but a no sew teepee!  So easy (almost)!

no sew teeppe

I have been coveting for one for a while now. I thought it would make a nice place for Huds to curl up and read a book (or as it turns out, hide and shoot me from).

I browsed some pretty amazing tutorials (here & here), but I thought, what is all the fuss?  Do I really need to sew, or glue gun, or drill?  No, I’ll just tie the sticks together and drape a sheet over it…and it turns out that this method will work, just not so well.

So, after doing it the lazy way- which amounted to a lot of repositioning of poles, and some collapses…I decided to put some real effort in.  Non-the-less, this is a no sew teepee and is almost easy.  You will need a drill though!

And here is how I accomplished teepee:

Get:  5 or 6 pieces of doweling, whatever diameter you like, 6-8 feet long.  Some other teepee makers used 1X2 by 6 feet long square trim type of wood…this looked equally good.

I used a flat sheet (for a single bed).  I happened to have a CHEVRON sheet- yahoo!!!

Then I gathered from around my house, a drill, tape, twine, buttons, needle and thread or clothes pegs

diy teepee


1. Drill a hole in each piece of wood around 9 inches down

diy teepee

2. Thread twine through holes and loop around each stick (I wrapped tape around the end of the twine string to make it a little more sturdy and get through the holes)

no sew teepee

3.  Then spread out poles in a way that seems right to you…leaving a little more space between the poles where you want your opening to be

4. Now twist and wrap the twine around the poles so that it feels sturdy.

5. Drape sheet over poles, making it even on both sides of the opening

new sew teepee

6. Put your clothes pins (or safety pin) at the top of the sheet above opening to secure it (where you see the buttons in the picture)

7.  Now mess around with the sheet until you are happy with the placement

8.  Get your fabric glue and smear it down the pole on one side of your opening…then just pat the sheet into the glue, when it dries the sheet will be secured to the wood, making the teepee a little more stable

9.  Readjust the sheet, make sure you are happy with the placement and do the other poles (I only did the poles on either side of the opening)

10. Once that is dry, then you are pretty much done and ready to have some charming fun!  Just tuck the sheet under the poles and put a cozy blanket in there with some pillows…I took it one step further and sewed on some  buttons at the top of the opening



Pretty cute right??!  Now I just need a little girl who actually would like to have a tea party in it- instead of house full of boy’s who don’t really care!


Fave’s on a Friday- me like cookie

It has been cold this week in beautiful Victoria…like ice on the window’s cold!  Perfect weather to hunker down with some cookies and play some games.  So here, my friends, is what I love this week!

Fave Friday Cookies-01

Scrabble Junior

This is actually really truly a fun game to play.  Hudson know’s his letters, but cannot read yet, and this is perfect for him.  It’s not a spelling game, more of a letter matching game, yet you need strategy and a keen eye.  Both of which Hudson has.  No kidding, he beats almost everyone he plays, and people are not letting him win!

The chocolate chip cookies from The Joy Of Cooking

 These are THE BEST cookies ever. I swear.  Jeff makes them and just bakes enough for the night…then puts the rest of the dough in the fridge, until we bake again.  This means warm delicious chewy chocolatey cookies every night!!

House Hunters International on HGTV

 Once the kids are in bed we cozy up on the couch and get transported to other countries nightly.  Pretty fun.

Yellow Chairs

My dining room renovation is giving me a chance to decorate a room from the ground up.  I’ve got yellow chair love (from a beautiful mess)…I like that the chairs can be mishmashed…because mishmashed is not hard to find. However, I worry about myself in charge of painting eight chairs!  Painting party anyone?

How about you? What were you into this week?

More Advent Calendar Love



advent round-up

And the hunt continues…Today’s round up is of store bought advent calendar’s.

On the top are the usual suspects, which kid’s alway’s love and are sure to delight- but the clutter they create is undeniable and will try to choke you if you are not careful!!!

The next four are a bit different.

The Colourful Christmas Tree is from Alex Toys, and allows you to pack it with your own goodies!

Across from that guy is a Colouring Calendar.  I like the idea of this, it reminds me of Holland, which is one of my favorite places, and…no left over mess!

The Old Time Sticker advent calendar is also a good option.  I wish it was a bit more ‘kid’ like…but non-the-less, most kid’s like stickering- yes??!!!

The Shadow box also let’s you decide what to put in…and can be re-used year after year…


PS:  My lovely (and smart!)  friend’s Aura and Natasha shared with me what they do, Aura fill’s her advent calendar with Christmas decorations, and then each day her little’s get to put a decoration on the tree.  I think that is such a sweet idea!

Natasha fill’s her homemade calendar with a few toy’s, but also activities to do together, such as ‘bake gingerbread people’, or ‘have hot chocolate’…LOVE IT!!!

I love both of these ideas, so thank’s for the share ladies!!!

Does anyone else have a good advent calendar share??



The Last Supper

hank monsterWe are having a small reno in our house- which is very very exciting! We have an un-used bedroom that we are turning into a proper dining room. A wall is being opened up and turned into a doorway so we can access the dining room from the kitchen, and then we are putting in french doors that lead out to our deck! EXCITING!!!!

Well, all this happened yesterday- which meant that the work guys cleared out at around 4:30, and we were left with a great new amazing space (still with all the finishing to be done), and sooooo much drywall dust everywhere.

Let’s just say that drywall dust is the worst. That s**t is everywhere!

So, with dinner fast approaching, and the house a dusty mess, we decided it was going to be a go out for dinner, and out we went.

We went to Pizzeria Prima Strada. This is pretty much our go to place. The food is great, they like kids, kids like them…it’s meant to be (if you are ever in Victoria, go here…best everything).

The problem was that we went with a freaking 15 month old. UGGGGGGG. Cute as he is, he was not cute last night. It went something like this:

  • demand crayon/spoon/pizza
  • throw on floor
  • cry cause crayon/spoon/pizza is on floor
  • point at in on floor and demand it back
  • get it back, smile
  • look in your eye and throw on floor again
  • cry cause it’s on floor
  • repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat,  repeat, repeat, repeat

Well, you get the idea. NOT FUN.

Good thing we have a proper dining room, because we are NEVER going out for dinner again!!

Side note, the 5 year old was almost a model restaurant eater last night. So I guess I should be so lucky that both weren’t jerks?

Rant over, thanks for listening…have a lovely day everyone!!

easy diy advent calendar’s!

It’s time to start (start!) thinking about Christmas, right?  It is after all, just a mere 1 month and 7 days away!

Today my head is in an advent calendar kinda space.  Part of me  want’s to make one myself and fill it with fun things- you know, stickers, crayon’s, bouncy ball’s, chocolate and so forth.  I could totally get my shop on for it, finding all sorts of fun treasures.  And, it would be so great watching the kid’s open a personal little gift each day.

But on the other hand, I can’t bare the thought of more stuff! I do not need more crayon’s, stickers, and bouncy ball’s lurking around my house! NOOOOOOOO!

So then I think, maybe a traditional chocolate advent would be good.  The evidence is just eaten.  No clutter.  But chocolate?  I guess Huds is five now, I don’t have to be such a freak about sweets…

Anyway, in my search I came across these great and easy diy advent calendar’s!

easy diy advent calendar

paper bag advent- this one looks so simple, modern, and easy, and would look great hung under my mantel!

matchbox advent- love this cute idea too- where to get the matchbox’s though?

easy envelope advent - again, really easy!  I could fill it with Christmas love notes!  They could be clothe’s pinned to a twine string as well.

muffin tin advent- muffin tin!  Ya’ll know how I feel about muffin tin’s.  I think I would choose a more modern look for this though- simply brown butcher’s paper with stenciled numbers.

Magnetic Tin advent- This one also looks easy to do- just fill your magnetic spice tins with goodies!

What do you think?  Do you advent?  Chocolate or toy’s?

Pop back tomorrow and I’ll do a round up of neat store bought advent’s…




Fave’s on Friday, mum jeans, hair and food (not food in hair)

fave friday

Hello Friday!!  Hello People!

This week has been very just like every week.  Same old same old.  There are three things that stand out for me.  And here they are:


This website. I am not a hair and make-up girl, for no other reason then pure laziness. I just never find time.  Buuuutttt, this web-site is inspiring me! They have the best hair tutorials, with the cutest graphics ever!  It is making want to do….wait for it…wait…shhhh…a 7 (yes, that’s SEVEN) day hair challenge! I think I could. I think I could actually style my hair a different way for 7 whole days.  Don’t hold your breath or anything…


My New Mom Jeans:

Thank you gap for having a 30% off sale on your mid rise jeggings. As long as I wear a longer shirt no one will know that I am hiding a comfy pair of muffin top hiding mom jeans under there.  And, currently as I write this, it is long after the point when I would have changed into my comfy sweats…but I’m still rocking’ the jeans!


Save with Jamie Oliver

This is my new cook book which was recommended to me by my sister niece Amelia.  It is a total goodie!

He gives you your ‘mothership’ recipe.  Chicken/Beef/Lamb/Salmon/Pork…and you have a fantastic meal with that…and then the nice guy goes and gives you a few different recipes to use the leftovers with!  How perfect is that??

I love the way it he writes- so unfussy and user friendly.  Like tonight I ‘squidged’ together avocado and yogurt together.  I think that’s what chef’s say, right?

And that is it!  Looking pretty, feeling good, and eating well.  Trifecta of perfection.

Anything make you wild this week (don’t say your Husband)?