Gap Always Skinny High Rise Review

Eureka! The Gap finally has a High Rise Skinny Jean!  Obviously I had to rush out and buy some as soon as I heard the good news.  I got the dark wash, but they have a lighter vintage blue and black wash.

high rise

You may remember seeing that I LOVED The Gap’s Jegging…so comfy.  But they were a bit low.  My cursed muffin top was not all sucked in in the Jegging, and left me a little lumpy.  And I had to skootch them up all day long.  Skootch skootch skootch.  So, I was pretty darn excited to try my muffin top in the high rise jean.

And Muffin Top be gone!!! The Always Skinny High Rise go up to just below my belly button.  So I am really all sucked in a supported.  When I bend over, there is no chance anyone will see my cheeks.  And, I didn’t have to pull them up at all. They just stayed nice and high where they were supposed to be.  Hallelujah!!  They fit great in my leg, and I don’t even hate my but in them.

However…they are a jean, not a jegging, so they are NOT as comfortable.  As in, they mildly dig into my stomach (hello red mark).  They are fine for a short period, but when you get home, you will want to change (or undo the button on the drive home).  I tried going up a size, but then the leg was a bit baggy.  Not good.

Verdict:  I will wear them- but they aren’t my salvation in a jean.

Gap, if you’re reading this, four words.  High Rise Skinny Jegging.

What’s in your Purse (skid edition)

Today I caught up with the lovely Lhasa Hetherington.  She was  rushing out of her car, purse casually slung over her shoulder, and a baby on her hip.

photo 3-3


‘Lhasa, Lhasa,’ I shouted, ‘tell us, what’s in your purse??’

Gracious as she is, she not only told me what she was carting around, but she pulled out some of her favorites.

Excitedly Lhasa beamed at me, healthy skin glowing and glossy hair catching in the breeze,  she starting explaining why she always carry’s certain … oh wait.  I’m Lhasa, and my purse is a freaking disgusting mess!  GROSS. If you see me and my purse coming your way, cross the street.

I mean, where is my clique eye roller and my lip balm I can’t live with out.  Where is my emergency Lara bar?  What about my Burts Bee’s hand cream?  My herbal detox tea?  How about my package of Emergen-C?  Or my eye Kindle? Maybe buried under the GROSS snot rags?  Maybe tangled up in the GARBAGE that I cary around.  Maybe shoved in a snack trap.



New Dining Room Reveal!

dining room


It’s finally up and running, my beautiful new dining room!  Here, take a tour…

I haven’t ever had a dining room- so I feel like a real adult now.  It even has a closet (not shown in picture), where I can store china and likes.  Well, if I had china and likes.

This room was previously a dark bedroom…so we sealed up the doorway from the hall that led to it and opened up a doorway from the kitchen.  Then we popped in double french doors that lead out to our patio and back yard.  I am so excited for spring and summer to arrive so we can see our yard from our dining room and open up those doors to let the outside in!

Then we painted the walls a bright white, got an old farm table from Used Victoria- and painted the base of that banana yellow (Benjamin Moore).  I hung my yarn wall hanging artwork thingy, my heart garland, and actually managed to print and frame some photo’s of our Europe trip, and I made a table runner with the Chevron Fabric I had left over from this project.

We took a trip to Ikea and got the carpet (in the as-is, that has never happened before!), and the lights.

And that’s it!!  A great new colorful space that my family loves!

Do you likey?


The Potty Talk Cure

As you may or may not know, we have been struggling with Potty Talk big time over here.  Fart Fart Poop Penis Bum Fart Face…and that sort of thing.  It was getting so it was almost all Hudson said.  It was so ANNOYING!!!

But not anymore!  He has been cured!  Yay!  Now he has time to say sweet and charming things again.

Hudson is the kind of kid that loves order and rules.  So I drew up a chart, and the deal is he has 5 chances a day to say a bathroom word.  Every time he say’s one, he get’s a big X (that is course he likes putting on himself). If he get’s all 5 X’s, he doesn’t get dessert (I know, bribery is not the best, but boy does  it work).  And then, if he manages not to fill his chart all week, he get’s a little toy or something.

And, it’s working!!  The only day he filled up was the first day…

It’s been great because it opened up dialogue about habits, and how easy it is to get into a bad habit…and how, with hard work you can change, and break habits.

I’m so proud of him for working hard to change this!  He totally inspires me.  I wish X’s on a piece of paper would be motivation for me to change.