Victoria with Kids- the book!

Victoria with KidsI am so excited to share my news…I have written a book!!  Yes, you read that correctly, A BOOK!  And not just any book, but a book that is near and dear to my heart.  It’s a travel book, called Victoria with Kids- eat play shop.  Tag line, an essential guide for cool parents and their children.

This book is chock-a-block full of information.  The kind of family fun information that I am always seeking on any of our travels. Like:  What touristy stuff is worth doing?  Where are the playgroups?  Where is good to eat, but quick, but good??  Is there a playground near by? What about somewhere to shop??

Right?  That is the stuff you want to know.

So this book has that. It is broken down into neighborhoods, so parents can easily and immediately find the good stuff, and don’t have to waste precious time searching.

There is also write ups on beaches, little mini kid hikes, one day classes, and even date night ideas…and more!!  It’s perfect for families visiting us, or even grandparents that live here, but need so ideas (hint hint- dad).

It is available right now on Amazon and Ibooks as an e-book…coming to soon to print!


San Fran Part 2- Chinatown, Eating, Cable Cars & Eating!

We started the day with a noble plan, to go check out North Beach, in particular the Liguria Bakery- which is supposed to have the best foccocia bread in all the land.  It’s good to base a day around a food, right?

We hopped on the good old bus- which took us right to Washington Square- but alas, the bakery was closed! NO!!!!!!  Here we were, hungry, and obviously without a map and no idea where the rest of North Beach was…and no backup plan.  But leave it to Grandma, she just chatted up some other tourists in the area and they gave her their map.  Atta girl!

After that we set out on a walk through Chinatown and towards The Ferry Building.  Chinatown was what you would expect…BUSY and CRAZY…but it was cool.  Hudson liked looking at all the weird dried fish and other oddities.  Jeff liked the pork buns. And Hank liked the park we came across (I liked the pig tailed hobo doing arm curls with his duffle bag).

After that we cruised down the hill and hit up The Ferry Building, which is a big modern market housed in a giant old warehouse.  We had the ‘best coffee in San Fran’ at the Blue Bottle..which was really good.  We had a freakin’ delicious biscuit from these guys.  And we had some other good eats and walked across the Embarcadero to the playground where the kids burned off some steam.

After that we hopped on a cable-car and got hoisted up the hill and were privy to some pretty killer views.  Well worth the $6 each.

After that we got a cranky Hank home, napped him, and did the local park, and a pizza dinner at Delarosa in our hood.

So:  Fave things about San Fran so far:

  • Kids are everywhere
  • Playgrounds and green spaces are spread out throughout
  • Transit is easy
  • The buildings.  The buildings. THE BUILDINGS!
  • Mom Uniform:  lululemon type exercise outfit (with complete hair and makeup) complete with full on running shoes.
  • Non Mom Uniform:  See above
  • Food.  FOOD.  FOOD

We logged over 20,000 steps!  Wowza’s!  I can’t believe that Hudson can do this, it is AMAZING!

San Fran, Part 1

You know when you are researching an area, and you find NOTHING usefull. Well, that of course is what happened in San Fran. Googling Best Area’s To Stay San Fran with Kids…nothing. So finally I had to make a decision and book something. I booked a place on AirBnB in the Marina District. What I read about the Marina district is that it was a playgound for the hip folks with big bank accounts, packed with shops and restaurants. Sounds OK…right? Or OK enough.
BUT, let me tell you what Google should have told me about the Marina District with Kids:
This neighbourhood is CHARMING! Street after street of the quintessential colourful Victorian row houses complete with little potted gardens of fragrant jasmine.

We are 1 block down from Chestnut St, where there are at least four blocks cholkablock full of great restaurants, little cafes, boutiques and more. And when I say great restaurants, I mean it. We have not had a bad meal.

This place is buzzing with activity. So alive. People are out, and with their children. Every time we go to a restaurant, we are not the only ones with kids…it seems most people have them out (at least for the 5 O’Clock seating).

We are a few blocks from the ocean, with a view of the Golden Gate. We are a few blocks from the Palais of Fine Arts, which is so beautiful it hurts.

There is an AMAZING playground a few blocks away. We can walk up the hill to Union St for some more shopping & eating. It’s half an hour on foot away from Fisherman’s Wharf. The Bus comes right through to take you where ever.

There is a place called Suzy’s Cake’s, that RULES!

The Marina District is clean. It feels safe. The sidewalks are wide and stroller friendly. There are children’t botiques. There is a walgreens, for diapers and whatnot.

It is so PRETTY!!
Now, THAT is the information I should be able to find when I google San Francisco neighborhoods with Children.

Day 1
Wake up, get ready, head out the door and walk to fisherman’s wharf. On the way we stumble upon a great little farmer’s market. Eat a croissant. Carry on, skirting along the waterfront walkway of Fort Mason, with views of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. Enter into the crazy mayhem tourist central of Fisherman’s Wharf. Poke around enjoying the sites and being total tourists. Eat some chowder in a bread bowl. Chase bubbles. Find a magnet with my name on it!!! Hop in grumpy old Italian man’s taxi to get whizzed home for nap time.
During Nap The Big One and I go out to hit the shops…shop, eat some donut holes, come home. Get the little one up, go find the park. Find an amazing playground where Hudson made friends with another Hudson. Played played played. This park is amazing. After that we went for dinner and had a good meal at a place called Dragon’s Well, which served non-gross Chinese food.  Get gelato. Go home, and relax in our great pad…GREAT DAY!

Because I have a pedometer I know we logged over 15,000 steps…which, means that little Hudson walked all that way too….what a guy!