The goods on Lhasa

What about Lhasa?? Well…let me tell you a few things!

This is me (with Baby Hank and my Movie Star hair)!

me with movie star hair

Usually my hair does NOT look this good (and usually Hank looks better- so go figure)!

I live in Victoria BC in this house…

my house


…with these guys…The big one is Jeff, I married him and love him to pieces!

all my guys- that's Husband Jeff This is me with my mom when I was a little girl.  I grew up hippie.  In fact I was born on a little teeny tiny island and we didn’t have electricity, running water, or even a car!  We grew our own food and felled our own tree’s to make our own heat during the winter.  Crazy!

me and my mom


And here is me and my dad.

me and dad

I am currently not a hippie, and neither are my reformed parents.

Here is Hudson when he was a baby. He’s now five and likes to say things like POOP.

Baby Hudson


This is Baby Hank.  He’s now a big old one year old and he’s my rock.

Baby Hank



I like really stupid things like The Bachelor and The Kardashions.  See..

stupid things I like

My little family LOVES to travel. I started writing a blog when my family and I went on a European Vacation for a month ( ).  Here I am walking in North Holland. Walking shots are the best!

walking with the boys

When I came home I really missed writing…so voila, Lhasa’s Lovely Day was born.

Here you will find some great things to do with your kids around my home town of  Victoria BC in Canada.  You may also find some fun diy projects, a few yummy things to make, as well as some idle chit-chat and random thoughts that pop into my head.  I try to keep it not boring…but you be the judge!