Fave Friday Time!



Hello Friday. Hello kick off to the Holiday’s!! It seems that after today, every week coming up holds at least 2 Christmas parties!! Now that I am a moderate mama who likes to go to bed at 8:30, I have to be careful not to get carried away at these party’s…because having wine is fun. And then all of a sudden it seems like fun to have even more wine, and then things get really laughy and giggly…and then mama has a hangover!!


Any-hoo unrelated to that boozy rant is my Fave’s this week.

FAVE Friday



One is that Salton Cinema popcorn maker. I found only 1 unpopped kernel in my popcorn yesterday. That is a good pop to not-pop ratio!

Two is my new plaid shirt from H&M. It has cool old man elbow patches and hides baby smears well.

Three is my new Clinique Mascara. It really doesn’t budge, and then at the end of the day (or at 8:30), it washes right off with just warm water. Completely off. Almost like those tubes!

Four is my Tretorn Snow Boots (because there is snow on the ground- wtf!!), that I got in New York a couple of years ago. Easy to get on and off, warm, and comfortable.

Five is this Christmas Tree. I plain like the way it looks. It doesn’t make my clutter alarm go off. Next year, next year.

What about you? Did you have anything that made your week a little happier??

Great Gifts for a Six Month Old

I received an email from my friend Sarah yesterday (hi Sarah!), she asked me for some idea’s on gifts for a six month old.  This is sort of a hard age, isn’t it? They are just starting to come alive and explore the world around them, yet are still pretty little and care more about you then they do about toy’s.   Most are happy with a spoon and a crummy old tuperware.


But it’s fun to get gifts for them…so here’s what I remember of Hank at this age.  He liked colorful things, things that move easily, like a sturdy car for pushing.  He could flip through board books- I like the ones with only 1 or 2 words per page.  He liked things that made noise.  And he liked me!!


That said, here is a round up of what I would get a six month old…and make sure to check out this link- it’s a Baby’s first Christmas  round up I wrote for Victoria Mom- and bonus, everything can be personalized!! Yippee!!

gifts for a six month old

fun keysbead mazesqueeze blockshaba super soft tri balltails bookgreen push car,each peach pear plumbest slippers everdoggy rattlehi

Fave’s on a Friday- me like cookie

It has been cold this week in beautiful Victoria…like ice on the window’s cold!  Perfect weather to hunker down with some cookies and play some games.  So here, my friends, is what I love this week!

Fave Friday Cookies-01

Scrabble Junior

This is actually really truly a fun game to play.  Hudson know’s his letters, but cannot read yet, and this is perfect for him.  It’s not a spelling game, more of a letter matching game, yet you need strategy and a keen eye.  Both of which Hudson has.  No kidding, he beats almost everyone he plays, and people are not letting him win!

The chocolate chip cookies from The Joy Of Cooking

 These are THE BEST cookies ever. I swear.  Jeff makes them and just bakes enough for the night…then puts the rest of the dough in the fridge, until we bake again.  This means warm delicious chewy chocolatey cookies every night!!

House Hunters International on HGTV

 Once the kids are in bed we cozy up on the couch and get transported to other countries nightly.  Pretty fun.

Yellow Chairs

My dining room renovation is giving me a chance to decorate a room from the ground up.  I’ve got yellow chair love (from a beautiful mess)…I like that the chairs can be mishmashed…because mishmashed is not hard to find. However, I worry about myself in charge of painting eight chairs!  Painting party anyone?

How about you? What were you into this week?

More Advent Calendar Love



advent round-up

And the hunt continues…Today’s round up is of store bought advent calendar’s.

On the top are the usual suspects, which kid’s alway’s love and are sure to delight- but the clutter they create is undeniable and will try to choke you if you are not careful!!!

The next four are a bit different.

The Colourful Christmas Tree is from Alex Toys, and allows you to pack it with your own goodies!

Across from that guy is a Colouring Calendar.  I like the idea of this, it reminds me of Holland, which is one of my favorite places, and…no left over mess!

The Old Time Sticker advent calendar is also a good option.  I wish it was a bit more ‘kid’ like…but non-the-less, most kid’s like stickering- yes??!!!

The Shadow box also let’s you decide what to put in…and can be re-used year after year…


PS:  My lovely (and smart!)  friend’s Aura and Natasha shared with me what they do, Aura fill’s her advent calendar with Christmas decorations, and then each day her little’s get to put a decoration on the tree.  I think that is such a sweet idea!

Natasha fill’s her homemade calendar with a few toy’s, but also activities to do together, such as ‘bake gingerbread people’, or ‘have hot chocolate’…LOVE IT!!!

I love both of these ideas, so thank’s for the share ladies!!!

Does anyone else have a good advent calendar share??



easy diy advent calendar’s!

It’s time to start (start!) thinking about Christmas, right?  It is after all, just a mere 1 month and 7 days away!

Today my head is in an advent calendar kinda space.  Part of me  want’s to make one myself and fill it with fun things- you know, stickers, crayon’s, bouncy ball’s, chocolate and so forth.  I could totally get my shop on for it, finding all sorts of fun treasures.  And, it would be so great watching the kid’s open a personal little gift each day.

But on the other hand, I can’t bare the thought of more stuff! I do not need more crayon’s, stickers, and bouncy ball’s lurking around my house! NOOOOOOOO!

So then I think, maybe a traditional chocolate advent would be good.  The evidence is just eaten.  No clutter.  But chocolate?  I guess Huds is five now, I don’t have to be such a freak about sweets…

Anyway, in my search I came across these great and easy diy advent calendar’s!

easy diy advent calendar

paper bag advent- this one looks so simple, modern, and easy, and would look great hung under my mantel!

matchbox advent- love this cute idea too- where to get the matchbox’s though?

easy envelope advent - again, really easy!  I could fill it with Christmas love notes!  They could be clothe’s pinned to a twine string as well.

muffin tin advent- muffin tin!  Ya’ll know how I feel about muffin tin’s.  I think I would choose a more modern look for this though- simply brown butcher’s paper with stenciled numbers.

Magnetic Tin advent- This one also looks easy to do- just fill your magnetic spice tins with goodies!

What do you think?  Do you advent?  Chocolate or toy’s?

Pop back tomorrow and I’ll do a round up of neat store bought advent’s…




Fave’s on Friday, mum jeans, hair and food (not food in hair)

fave friday

Hello Friday!!  Hello People!

This week has been very just like every week.  Same old same old.  There are three things that stand out for me.  And here they are:


This website. I am not a hair and make-up girl, for no other reason then pure laziness. I just never find time.  Buuuutttt, this web-site is inspiring me! They have the best hair tutorials, with the cutest graphics ever!  It is making want to do….wait for it…wait…shhhh…a 7 (yes, that’s SEVEN) day hair challenge! I think I could. I think I could actually style my hair a different way for 7 whole days.  Don’t hold your breath or anything…


My New Mom Jeans:

Thank you gap for having a 30% off sale on your mid rise jeggings. As long as I wear a longer shirt no one will know that I am hiding a comfy pair of muffin top hiding mom jeans under there.  And, currently as I write this, it is long after the point when I would have changed into my comfy sweats…but I’m still rocking’ the jeans!


Save with Jamie Oliver

This is my new cook book which was recommended to me by my sister niece Amelia.  It is a total goodie!

He gives you your ‘mothership’ recipe.  Chicken/Beef/Lamb/Salmon/Pork…and you have a fantastic meal with that…and then the nice guy goes and gives you a few different recipes to use the leftovers with!  How perfect is that??

I love the way it he writes- so unfussy and user friendly.  Like tonight I ‘squidged’ together avocado and yogurt together.  I think that’s what chef’s say, right?

And that is it!  Looking pretty, feeling good, and eating well.  Trifecta of perfection.

Anything make you wild this week (don’t say your Husband)?



Perfectly Pretty Placemats

We are re-doing our dining room- actually we are converting a bedroom into a dining room- so we basically get to build it from the ground up! Exciting!!

If you know me at all, you can imagine how obsessed I am getting with this project (and how annoyed I am that things are already behind schedule and they haven’t even started yet)!!

I really want to have a nice adult table. Not to fussy, but I want it to look good.

So, today’s obsession: Placemats. From Etsy, of course!

pretty placemats

rainbow chevron reversible roses pocket numbers felt circle mat diamond‘s pear print


Favorite Friday

And Friday again????!

My life is a flash these days…Monday readjusting from the weekend getting everybody back on track for the M-F routine, then my writing class goes zipping by on Wednesday, then there was Halloween last night! My goodness, how do we slow down time??

Maybe by taking a minute to look at the things that make you smile and go ahhhhhhh (is it weird that shoes always fall into this category for me)?!

Here is a look at things I love that made my week:

Lovely Things

1. These sweat pants from Aritzia. I live in sweats. At home that is. When I leave the house I try to pull it together to put on real clothes. Maybe these would could be my bridge pant?

2. I saw these fur lined ballerina flats at town shoes. Shall I say more? Fur Lined Ballerina Flats!

3. This book. Not for the faint of heart…there are some scenes that I had to skim over because they were so crazy and made my skin cawl. The story is great though, it keeps moving and keeps you reading. The book is short too, I read it in a week (sorry for neglecting you family)!

4. While I was lying on the couch reading all week I really was wanting a new cozy throw for me to snuzzle up in! I saw some cute one’s at Winners that sort of looked like this!

5. I know Songza’s old hat. But we LOVE it around here. Things can be going down hill fast, you know, lot’s of whining, time out threats being thrown out, crabby baby…but we put on a little music, and we all start dancing and having a ball! And because we don’t really have any music of our own (we are too lazy) Songza rules!

And then number 6 favorite (and most favorite)  thing this week is the amazing walks Hudson and I have been having. We have the sweetest conversations, he asks these amazing questions and we just talk and explore all sorts of different ideas. Space, Death, Dinosaurs, World War’s…the list goes on. His mind amazing me. LOVE THAT KID!!


I’d love to hear what is on your list this week! Leave a comment and let me know!


Lovely things I am in Love With (this week)

Here we are, another Friday- let’s talk about lovely things!

This week I have been really enjoying a few things, and so I’ll share them with you- maybe you will love them too!!

aldo booties

I have been visiting these Booties at Aldo. They are ankle high and they look like the perfect everyday boot to cruise around it!  Maybe I’ll just go seal the deal.  Don’t tell my Husband!


kensie robe

This robe by Kensie- it’s so fun and flirty- but still cozy. A definite upgrade from my beat up mom robe that add’s at least 15lbs!


marian keyes

I just finished Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes. This book was so good! I thought it was just going to be another easy chic lit bok- but it really had some substance and pulled at my heart strings A LOT!


mini muffin tin

Obsessed with my mini muffin tin. I have been churning out lot’s of good little suckers in this thing. Cornbread, blueberry, and then the brownies. Next week I’m going to try for some savory goodies.




Nespresso and I took a little break- and I thought we may have parted ways forever. This week however, we got back together. I am loving the 10am latte. While wearing my kensie robe and eating a mini something!



Do you use bloglovin‘? I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it! Sign up and then add your favorite blogs to your feed (hey- add mine while you’re at it!)…then you can get all your blog love right in one place. It is super!


foggy fall days




foggy days

I am LOVING fall walks in my hood. The leaves are turning, it’s crisp and cool, and it has been so foggy here- LOVE IT (wouldn’t my Aldo boots go nice with this weather!).

What are your favorite things this week???



Six Sweet not Spooky Halloween Costumes for little Sprouts

Let’s talk Halloween costumes, shall we!  Aren’t they the best!

Now that Hudson is five I can no longer pick his costume for him anymore.  This year he is going to be a red ninja- which is not the cardboard box made costume I was dreaming up!!  I guess it’s still fun to make the costume though (or rather, compile it).  Red hoodie, red sweats, a face bandanna and that is about it- I’m hoping to avoid the weapons, somehow it doesn’t seem right to arm a five year old and then send him out with gobs of other children all hopped up on sugar!

Baby Hank has no choice though,  this year he is going as a parrot.  Thank you Old Navy for this costume!  If I had gotten it together earlier I would have looked on Etsy, and either bought one of the adorable costumes, or at least garnered inspiration from them and then made my own.

Have a look at these six sweet costumes! I LOVE THEM ALL!!  The Gnome, seriously??  Killing me!!!!

sweet halloween costumes


1. Lion

2. One Eye’d Monster

3. Snake

4. Lobster

5. Gnome

6. Maxx

What are your kids going to be for Halloween???