Gap Always Skinny High Rise Review

Eureka! The Gap finally has a High Rise Skinny Jean!  Obviously I had to rush out and buy some as soon as I heard the good news.  I got the dark wash, but they have a lighter vintage blue and black wash.

high rise

You may remember seeing that I LOVED The Gap’s Jegging…so comfy.  But they were a bit low.  My cursed muffin top was not all sucked in in the Jegging, and left me a little lumpy.  And I had to skootch them up all day long.  Skootch skootch skootch.  So, I was pretty darn excited to try my muffin top in the high rise jean.

And Muffin Top be gone!!! The Always Skinny High Rise go up to just below my belly button.  So I am really all sucked in a supported.  When I bend over, there is no chance anyone will see my cheeks.  And, I didn’t have to pull them up at all. They just stayed nice and high where they were supposed to be.  Hallelujah!!  They fit great in my leg, and I don’t even hate my but in them.

However…they are a jean, not a jegging, so they are NOT as comfortable.  As in, they mildly dig into my stomach (hello red mark).  They are fine for a short period, but when you get home, you will want to change (or undo the button on the drive home).  I tried going up a size, but then the leg was a bit baggy.  Not good.

Verdict:  I will wear them- but they aren’t my salvation in a jean.

Gap, if you’re reading this, four words.  High Rise Skinny Jegging.

What’s in your Purse (skid edition)

Today I caught up with the lovely Lhasa Hetherington.  She was  rushing out of her car, purse casually slung over her shoulder, and a baby on her hip.

photo 3-3


‘Lhasa, Lhasa,’ I shouted, ‘tell us, what’s in your purse??’

Gracious as she is, she not only told me what she was carting around, but she pulled out some of her favorites.

Excitedly Lhasa beamed at me, healthy skin glowing and glossy hair catching in the breeze,  she starting explaining why she always carry’s certain … oh wait.  I’m Lhasa, and my purse is a freaking disgusting mess!  GROSS. If you see me and my purse coming your way, cross the street.

I mean, where is my clique eye roller and my lip balm I can’t live with out.  Where is my emergency Lara bar?  What about my Burts Bee’s hand cream?  My herbal detox tea?  How about my package of Emergen-C?  Or my eye Kindle? Maybe buried under the GROSS snot rags?  Maybe tangled up in the GARBAGE that I cary around.  Maybe shoved in a snack trap.



The ‘is it enough’ anxiety

Wow, I took a break there.  It was like I had NOTHING to say.  Nothing.  So I guess I didn’t.  But today, I’ve got something (and it’s not about my crappy looking morning outfit- which really I want to- and could, talk about all the time)!

I am having Christmas Present Anxiety!  You must have it too, right?   I think that whatever I have got people, it’s just not enough…and I need to get MORE and MORE and MORE.

Like for instance this year as I mentioned, for the big’s in our family we are trading edible presents.  So I have been making little yummy things for those I love.  Working away in my kitchen have a grand old time.

But tonight, as I am packaging up all this good stuff with care (and cute wrapping!), I am thinking, ‘they aren’t going to like this’!!  They are going to want more! They are going to laugh at me and the things I made!  They want slippers and ties and socks and calendars and and and and…

Crazy thoughts, making me crazy.  I guess the commercialism of it all has burrowed it’s nasty little head deep down inside me, making me feel only content with…


…when really, it is not about stuff, it is about love.  And eating yummy yummies.




Idea’s for a clutter free Christmas


christmas clutter Tick-tock…Christmas is a coming!!  And I am deeply afraid of the scene in that picture!!  Deeply.

Now, let me say this up front. I’m not a person who poo-poo’s presents like I’m to good for them. I am not, and I LOVE getting presents- I really do. So as I write this, it’s not coming from a place of not liking getting stuff and being all high and mighty.

Of course, giving gifts is great too!!  Really great.  Almost better then getting them!

But, like everyone else these days, I am running out of room for all the ‘stuff’.  I have everything I want…and what I want for, I usually just go and get it for myself. After all, I am a shopper.

Do you feel the same?  Yes, right?  Don’t you just want to have a lovely and amazing and clutter free Christmas- yet still have the joy of opening and giving presents??

Here are some great idea’s that allow you and your people to still have all the fun of presents,  that won’t produce too much more clutter, and above all actually carry meaning:

  • Give the gift of an outing- tickets to something, dinner,  a manicure- that kind of thing
  • Or- a class, yoga, writing, knitting…
  • Booze.  What family member wouldn’t like some liquor cabinet love?
  • Give a gift that helps others, kiva is an amazing organization. Or give a goat.
  • Give something hand-made.  A wonky scarf, made with love.  A picture calendar.  Christmas Decorations…so many choices…
  • AN EMERGENCY KIT- I just got excited about this one, but what a great gift to get.  Right?
  • Magazine subscriptions…mildly cluttery- but what to get a juicy piece of mail every month.

This year, we Hetherington/McBride/DuBois/Porter’s decided that we would get gift’s for the little’s, but for the big’s (us), we would do an edible Christmas.  This mean’s we bake, can, pickle, whatever…something delicious for one another!  I am in love with this idea- I mean, what adult doesn’t like to eat.

What about you?  Do you have any clutter free present idea’s?

My New (almost) Mom Uniform

Jeans, leggings, jeans, leggings, jeans, leggings, jeans, leggings, gap shirt. Everyday. Same. Mom. Uniform. Same mom uniform. BORING!!!

I need to step it up a bit here people. Just a bit! A tiny bit. I’m wanting to try a more grown up put together look, all while maintaining comfort. Right? A mama has to be comfortable- and a mama has to be ok with whatever outfit she has getting food/snot/other baby goo (you know what I mean, you do) on it.

So, here is what I’m thinking- dresses! It’s just one item, put it on with some tights, and wear with favorite boots. Now I know this is not rocket science to some of you, but I am a serious jean’s girl, and have never sported this look. I love the textured and patterned tights.

dress tights

Check out Glamour’s list of Do’s and Don’ts for dress/tight wearing. I love these lists…

Now- how do I wear a winter coat with these pretty looks??

PB&J or Bust

pb and j Hudson used to  be such a good lunch eater guy…I could pack some pretty amazingly healthful  sandwiches, like good old  Hummus and Grated Carrot or  Cream Cheese and Avocado- and he would gobble them up, lickety split.

But now, he has put a moratorium on anything non PB&J.  Luckily he has made an allowance and let me swap the Peanut Butter to Almond Butter…so now it’s AB&J or nothing.

Of course, I worry about this, and so far haven’t relented on my mission to MAKE him eat a variety of things- so I still pack the old favorites…but everyday they come back home, with only a few bites gone.  What a waste!

So then I ask myself what is the harm in Almond Butter? You get vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Almonds are a good fiber source and also contain protein. Because of their high monounsaturated fat content, almonds are considered a healthy food choice. Almonds or almond butter provide healthy fat not typically found in foods high in saturated fats.

Essentially, he is still getting nutrition, all that good stuff above, a hit of protein, some good carbs in the whole grain bread we use, and we use homemade Jam, and most importantly he WILL EAT IT!!

I think my instance has also made this more then a lunch issue, but a real true life power struggle between mother and son, and is a bit ruining our lives.  Unnecessary strife over a sandwich- really??  Really, I ask??

So, for these coming weeks I have decided to run an experiment.  I will ask him each day what he wants, and pack him that (clearly it will be AB&J), eliminating the battle, and ensuring that at least the little chap eat’s something.

Who knows, maybe he will grow tired of AB&J, and his body will crave something else.  If not, at least it’s a darn easy make!

What do you other smart mama’s think?  How do you instill a love a variety? Or do you just give in and make what they like and what they will eat?

Do share???


The Last Supper

hank monster We are having a small reno in our house- which is very very exciting! We have an un-used bedroom that we are turning into a proper dining room. A wall is being opened up and turned into a doorway so we can access the dining room from the kitchen, and then we are putting in french doors that lead out to our deck! EXCITING!!!!

Well, all this happened yesterday- which meant that the work guys cleared out at around 4:30, and we were left with a great new amazing space (still with all the finishing to be done), and sooooo much drywall dust everywhere.

Let’s just say that drywall dust is the worst. That s**t is everywhere!

So, with dinner fast approaching, and the house a dusty mess, we decided it was going to be a go out for dinner, and out we went.

We went to Pizzeria Prima Strada. This is pretty much our go to place. The food is great, they like kids, kids like them…it’s meant to be (if you are ever in Victoria, go here…best everything).

The problem was that we went with a freaking 15 month old. UGGGGGGG. Cute as he is, he was not cute last night. It went something like this:

  • demand crayon/spoon/pizza
  • throw on floor
  • cry cause crayon/spoon/pizza is on floor
  • point at in on floor and demand it back
  • get it back, smile
  • look in your eye and throw on floor again
  • cry cause it’s on floor
  • repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat,  repeat, repeat, repeat

Well, you get the idea. NOT FUN.

Good thing we have a proper dining room, because we are NEVER going out for dinner again!!

Side note, the 5 year old was almost a model restaurant eater last night. So I guess I should be so lucky that both weren’t jerks?

Rant over, thanks for listening…have a lovely day everyone!!

Office Envy

gossip I’m an ptwahm/mftsahm and sometimes I have office envy.

Oh wait, you probably don’t know what  ptwahm/mftsahm means…it means part-time-work-at-home-mama/mostly-full-time-stay-at-home-mama.  And office envy is what I feel when I trudge by the bus stop pushing kid number 2 in the stroller after dropping kid number 1 off at school in the morning.

At the bus stop on most day’s are two stylish young women clearly on their way to work. They probably woke up with their alarm went off (ummm…I haven’t had to use an alarm since the day Hudson was born 5 1/2 years ago…lucky me). Then they made coffee and probably checked their facebook without a child trying to use the computer with them.  My bet is next they had a shower, then actually styled their hair, and then they opened up their closet and tried to chose what stylish clean modern outfit to wear to work.  Then they walked to the bus stop, where they saw a shlubby mom walk by wearing THE SAME THING they saw her in yesterday when she walked by.

Then they caught the bus downtown.  They probably just sat on the bus and looked out the window enjoying the quite and the view. Or, maybe they read the newspaper, informing themselves of what is going on in the world beyond their couch.

Once at the office they saw their office friends, and gossiped a bit. Then they sat down and did some work which contributed to the greater whole of something important. They probably snuck in some online gossip and maybe went out for lunch- god, what if they went for after work cocktails???


Here is what my day is like:  I get up and try to do things on the computer before the kids get up…but once my feet hit the ground I hear a child.  So, then I don’t get to do what I was trying to do.  Then, because it’s still sooooo early, I have to entertain my sweeties for almost 2 hours before Hudson goes to school.  Luckily, I guess, I work from home…so I don’t have to have a shower and look presentable.  I just have to make a lunch and breakfast and get big H to school on time.  No problem.

Oh yes, getting dressed is easy for me to, I usually put on what is laying on the floor beside the bed (leggings and a sweat shirt that Jeff say’s makes me look like I’ve given up).  This, by the way, is supposed to be my morning outfit. I’m supposed to shower when I get home from drop off, and then change into my day outfit for which I won’t be embarrassed by.  This rarely happens because morning outfit is so darn comfy!

Then I amuse baby Hank until his nap…then I work, work, work.  Then he’s up, and surprise, I have not showered or gotten into the wonder that is day outfit.  Then baby is up, so baby is looking for mischief, so I follow baby around helping him and moving things that will hurt him out of the way.  Then maybe I try to sneak an email in, just one email, but baby is on to me, and baby comes over to computer and tries to pull the screen off of the keyboard.  I shut computer quickly and hide it.  I miss it though- the computer and I used to be best friends.

Then the day goes by, I fetch Hudson, why am I still wearing morning outfit??? And hey, soon enough it’s bed time for the kids.  At this point morning outfit becomes evening watch The Kardiashion’s outfit…and then I call it a day, and put on sleep outfit- wondering what those stylish office workers are up to.  Probably painting their toe nails and gossiping on the phone.



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Some Fave’s on a Friday

a couple a sweeties This week I didn’t get to go browse stores- which meant I pretty much worked and hung out with the kiddies- which means that I don’t have many material favorites! Boo-hoo!

I do however have some websites and some small people that made my week.

#1: Hip Baby. This is an amazing baby store here in Victoria. They sell the best stuff. Lot’s of wooden and eco friendly toys, and toys that encourage creative and imaginative play. They sell things your baby needs, like functional and fashionable tableware for wee ones (and the best sippy cup ever). They sell sweet clothes, diapers, shoes- design inspired decor- you get the idea- they are good people!

Well, this week the nice and lovely Owner Mary put my blog in her newsletter!! I am so excited, because clearly I love this store! They also have a really neat blog. Here is the link. For sure check it out. I happened to notice a recipe on here for pumpkin frozen yogurt!! What??? Yum!!

#2: This site Baby List is a really neat site if you are compiling a baby registry. You basically pin things you like to your registry- then it will link that item to an online store and people can get it for you there- OR, they can just reserve the item and get it where they want (thus supporting their local baby stores). What a good idea!

#3: Girls night! I got to have a nice mellow night out with the girls last night. Just a glass of wine (or two), some delicious food, some laughs, and then home by 9. Perfect! And…I get to the go the movies tonight with another set or amazing gal’s. What a week!

#4: It’s the little things right? I got this pull out garbage/recycling can this week and it is life changing! That might be a little extreme…but I’m really enjoying it! (and yes I know, it’s a little pathetic that I am writing about my garbage can)!

#5: These guys right up there at the top of this post. Look how sweet they are! I am going to eat them up!

#6: And finally, my moto for life. Especially when you feel like you are just treading water, it’s nice to let go and trust that is what is meant to be, will be.

if it's meant to be...


Have a great Friday everyone!

My Costco Conundrum


Costco Vs Farm

I went to Costco yesterday, and for the first time ever I didn’t feel dirty when I left.  I actually came away from there with some good things.

Now, this is a shocker for me, because usually when I go there, there is nothing good.  Mostly because I really really try to shop ethically- and the contrast between costco and ethical is huge. That, and I like quality food.  Usually I find the stuff there -ummm- shall we say, it’s un-quality.

I also really make an effort to give my money to local business who are trying to support their family’s.  I try to buy local produce whenever possible- this because our farmers need our support and it just tastes so much better, plus then it’s not shipped across the country.

Of course I am not perfect and I fall off the local/ethical wagon all the time.  Coffee, avocado’s/banana’s…and so forth.  But if something is coming to me on a plane, I try hard to draw the line.

This way of buying takes constant effort.  There are so many temptations out there.  The rosy strawberries stacked up so pretty in December, or the tomato’s when you haven’t had a tomato in months.  When I do cave to these temptress’ it never ends well.  The strawberry will be crisp and flavorless, ditto for the tomato.

But yesterday at Costco.  A GIANT bag of pre-washed baby kale, $3.99.  We eat a lot of kale ’round these parts.  Kale in our smoothies, kale in our salad, kale in our sandwiches…you get the idea.  That $3.99 is a GREAT price.  And the convenience of pre-washed is pretty amazing.

We actually have a small garden and grow kale, so usually I have to get on my coat and boots, and walk out to the back yard and pick it, come back in, put away my coat and boots, wash and cut Kale and then I am good to go.  But thanks to Costco- I just reach my hand into the fridge, and open a convenient resealable bag, and voila.

They also had a giant thing of organic spinach, all ready to go.  Raspberries, $3.99.  Cheese- not expensive.  Frozen berries- not pricy!

How can I keep up my resolve when these deals are in my face (I know, don’t go there, right)??

Now Costco is in my mind…it has crept in, planted it’s dirty little seed their.  Maybe this is the beginning of the end.  Next will I be feeding my family McDonald’s in front of the tv???

PS:  Giant tin of Almond Rocha- $9.99.