New Dining Room Reveal!

dining room


It’s finally up and running, my beautiful new dining room!  Here, take a tour…

I haven’t ever had a dining room- so I feel like a real adult now.  It even has a closet (not shown in picture), where I can store china and likes.  Well, if I had china and likes.

This room was previously a dark bedroom…so we sealed up the doorway from the hall that led to it and opened up a doorway from the kitchen.  Then we popped in double french doors that lead out to our patio and back yard.  I am so excited for spring and summer to arrive so we can see our yard from our dining room and open up those doors to let the outside in!

Then we painted the walls a bright white, got an old farm table from Used Victoria- and painted the base of that banana yellow (Benjamin Moore).  I hung my yarn wall hanging artwork thingy, my heart garland, and actually managed to print and frame some photo’s of our Europe trip, and I made a table runner with the Chevron Fabric I had left over from this project.

We took a trip to Ikea and got the carpet (in the as-is, that has never happened before!), and the lights.

And that’s it!!  A great new colorful space that my family loves!

Do you likey?


Pretty Heart Mobile



What do you do when you are feeling a little depressed that January is creeping gloomily and slowly by?? With no signs of spring? In a house that is undergoing reno’s, so it’s covered in dust? And no amount of cleaning will combat it? 20140123-104621.jpg


You manically start cutting out hearts in cheerful colours. And just shrug when your husband say’s, ‘I don’t like the looks of this’. 20140123-104630.jpg


Then you get out your (dusty) sewing machine. And sew the little hearts together, leaving a space between each one. 20140123-104639.jpg

Then you start to feel better as strands of bright hearts appear before your eyes.

Then you stand on the table, with the baby watching, and wondering, and wanting to do the same, and you pin the lively little strands to the ceiling. Ignoring the fact that you still have just bare bulbs where the light fixtures you agonized over buying should be.

When you hop down off of the table, and have a look at what you have just done, you feel much better and happier.

The End.




Christmas Tree Snow Globes

This charming little Christmas Tree Snow Globe diy is the cutest craft I have ever done! I swear! Even Jeff likes it, which is saying something.

xmas tree globe

I saw the idea on Pinterest, of course…

So, here is what I did:

Go to Michaels (try not to get annoyed at how EXPENSIVE everything is)- get a bag of fake snow, and some mini tree’s.

christmas tree snow globes

Come home- find some mason jars and glue and set up shop.

snow globe

First: Glue your tree’s to the lid’s and let dry

mini christmas tree snow globe

mini christmas tree snow globe



Second: Add just enough snow to cover the lid- of course you don’t want so much snow that it covers your tree

christmas tree snow globe

Third: Put jar over tree and snow and screw on lid.

Fourth: This step may not be necessary for you, but because of my white tree’s and the white snow and the clear jars, I found I needed something for a little contrast, so I cut up 1/2 jar sized pieces of black paper and slid them in behind the tree’s…just to give it a little ‘pop’!

And now you have a truly cool and easy decoration to display somewhere.

christmas tree snow globe

mini christmas tree snow globe


Now, go get your craft on!

Super Cute No Sew TeePee

I did it!! I made a sweet little cute teepee for myself for my kids!  Not only a teepee, but a no sew teepee!  So easy (almost)!

no sew teeppe

I have been coveting for one for a while now. I thought it would make a nice place for Huds to curl up and read a book (or as it turns out, hide and shoot me from).

I browsed some pretty amazing tutorials (here & here), but I thought, what is all the fuss?  Do I really need to sew, or glue gun, or drill?  No, I’ll just tie the sticks together and drape a sheet over it…and it turns out that this method will work, just not so well.

So, after doing it the lazy way- which amounted to a lot of repositioning of poles, and some collapses…I decided to put some real effort in.  Non-the-less, this is a no sew teepee and is almost easy.  You will need a drill though!

And here is how I accomplished teepee:

Get:  5 or 6 pieces of doweling, whatever diameter you like, 6-8 feet long.  Some other teepee makers used 1X2 by 6 feet long square trim type of wood…this looked equally good.

I used a flat sheet (for a single bed).  I happened to have a CHEVRON sheet- yahoo!!!

Then I gathered from around my house, a drill, tape, twine, buttons, needle and thread or clothes pegs

diy teepee


1. Drill a hole in each piece of wood around 9 inches down

diy teepee

2. Thread twine through holes and loop around each stick (I wrapped tape around the end of the twine string to make it a little more sturdy and get through the holes)

no sew teepee

3.  Then spread out poles in a way that seems right to you…leaving a little more space between the poles where you want your opening to be

4. Now twist and wrap the twine around the poles so that it feels sturdy.

5. Drape sheet over poles, making it even on both sides of the opening

new sew teepee

6. Put your clothes pins (or safety pin) at the top of the sheet above opening to secure it (where you see the buttons in the picture)

7.  Now mess around with the sheet until you are happy with the placement

8.  Get your fabric glue and smear it down the pole on one side of your opening…then just pat the sheet into the glue, when it dries the sheet will be secured to the wood, making the teepee a little more stable

9.  Readjust the sheet, make sure you are happy with the placement and do the other poles (I only did the poles on either side of the opening)

10. Once that is dry, then you are pretty much done and ready to have some charming fun!  Just tuck the sheet under the poles and put a cozy blanket in there with some pillows…I took it one step further and sewed on some  buttons at the top of the opening



Pretty cute right??!  Now I just need a little girl who actually would like to have a tea party in it- instead of house full of boy’s who don’t really care!


Duct Tape Fireplace Stripes. So easy even I could do it!

Hudson went away this weekend to visit his gramma, which left me, Jeff, and Hank home alone in a very quite house!  So I got a bit busy with a project I could fit in between Hank’s passes with the walker!

Here is a good easy duct tape diy from me to you!

duct tape idea

All you need is a ruler, duct tape, scissors and around 10 minutes and a little patience and of course your surface you want striped. My surface of choice was my fireplace.

It’s very simple:  Adhear tape to one edge of your surface, then unroll tape along till you get to the other side, pressing it down as you go and ensuring that your line is straight (use the ruler every few inches or so to make sure your line is going on evenly), then carefully cut tape in a straight line so it is flush with the wall.

Measure how much space you want between the stripes and repeat!

TahDah- you have stripes! And it took no time, and you can peel off the tape when you are over it!



Cute Printable ABC Colouring Sheets!

penguin Hudson is really into learning to write his ABC’s. He has pretty much got the capitals nailed and is working on the little letters.

I searched free printable ABC , but of course, as my attention span is the as big as a flea, I couldn’t find any that I loved within the first 5 seconds of my search.

What’s a girl to do you ask?  Make her own!

First I made funny sentences that amused me, like ‘do what i say’, and ‘eat your damn vegetables’, but Hudson didn’t think that was funny or fun.  So then I did the names of his favorite animals (with pictures)- and now he can write penguin!

Here is the file, you can download it for your kids (click the link and you should be able to get it)!!

Free ABC Printable


xoxo- lhasa

Extra Spooky Halloween Wreath DIY

Halloween is almost here!! We are starting to get into the spirit, and made this cool Halloween Wreath DIY today.

But first, don’t you think having kids really changes this holiday? Before it was all about getting crazy! Partying hard, laughing drinking, and….well you know, you did it too!

In my early twenties it was about dressing up like a HOT something. You know, sexy kitty, nurse, cop. So boring and predictable- (now it’s fun to have a laugh at the ‘sexy’ revelers, right)?

Then I matured a bit and realized that sexy isn’t everything. So I started going as such things as a Crazy Christmas Aunt- complete with flashing jingle bells brooches, a Christmas cat sweater, and a bottle of blush wine. Then I went as a Jehovah’s Witness. That was a fun character to play! The last year I went out I went as J-Lo with a big stuffed butt (it was a bit awkward when some people didn’t notice my bum was fake).

Now, I don’t even get a costume for me, or any booze…It’s just all about the kiddlets. Last year we were the dreaded house that offered raisins- hey, little kids can’t have candy!!
This year Hudson is going to be a Ninja this year and Hank has got a nice little parrot outfit.
Anyway, ramble over, we made a cool spooky wreath and this is how:


  • Twig wreath form (ours is from Micheal’s, and morphs well from season to season)
  • White garbage bags
  • Some paper or something to stuff into the ghost head
  • Black construction paper to make eye’s and mouths out of
  • Cob web
  • Spiders
  • Glue and Scissors and rubber bands (twist ties would work)

And then:

  • Cut up one garbage bag into four squares- maybe around 4″X 4″
  • Stuff a balled up piece of paper or paper towel into the center of the plastic bag, then pull the bag around it to make a head- secure with rubber band
  • Glue on eye’s and spooky mouth
  • Spread cob web onto wreath
  • Place creepy spiders
  • Put Ghosts on
  • Hang on the door and get ready to hear people shriek in fear!

Here are some photo’s of me and the eldest getting our spook on!









Easy Fireplace Decor DIY

I have been looking for a easy fireplace decor idea since we don’t use our fire place at all.  Well, we did one time, but it smoked out the whole house, so since then we have not wanted to try again.  This meant that our fire place was just sitting empty- tempting the kids to play in its sooty depths.  Sooooo, I was trying to figure out a nice way to bar it the from them when I came up with this idea.

I CAREFULLY measured and then cut a piece of plywood to the exact measurements of the fire place opening.  You have do this exact, or the piece won’t wedge in.  I happen to have a saw and a scrounged piece of plywood from my dad’s house, so I did this part at home.  I think if you buy the wood from Home Depot they will cut if for you.  But measure twice.

Then you just get a piece of great fabric.  I went to my new favorite fabric store that I raved about in this post- and bought a small piece fabric for $3.  Then I just stapled my new great fabric to the piece of wood- and voila- instant and inexpensive fire place insert!

I just wedged the wood into the opening and it stays put.  I’m sure there must be a better way to secure it in there…but this seems to be working!  Of course this new installation is making me want to redecorate our mantel.  Always something, right?

So there you have it- a cheerful inexpensive fire place project.  It really helps if you get a baby to help you with this project.  As you can see Hank is a genius with the Staple Gun!  Perfect for the next rainy day (although I suppose having an actual fire would be perfect too)!

Love affair with Chevron DIY

I just can’t get enough of the chevron Stripe! Don’t you just love it?? For sure I am a stripes girl, and chevron is just that- a big bold fun stripe. There are so many great chevron DIY’s out there. Here are a few I gathered up.  20130923-150701.jpg

This all ties in because the other day I happened to pop into Avenue Fabric Studio on Oak Bay Avenue. I have never been to this Fabric Store before, this place is SO charming! They have a small selection of really GREAT fabric with super modern prints. Both of the ladies I spoke to were so lovely and helpful. I fell in love with there Mississippi Cotton Grey and White Chevron fabric. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to make curtains for Hank’s room. When I went back to buy the fabric one of the kind ladies sketched out my design for me to help determine the amount of fabric I would need and gave me some pointers that really helped my curtains look great (as opposed to looking like a pile of garbage the way most things I sew turn out).  As I mentioned, this store is fantastic.

Hank’s new curtain is finished and up and looks great. Now I am dreaming of Chevron stairs.

Attached are some pic’s of the Avenue Fabric Studio and my new curtain.

If you are in Oak Bay pop in and check out this shop- it is really worth it. 108- 1841 Oak Bay Avenue. They also offer workshops for adults and children. Do you think I could get Hudson into sewing???


Modern Macramé (sort of)

We just spent two days on Saturna Island with my Dad (more on Saturna soon). It was a moody west coast few days with lot’s of clouds and the comforting pitter patter of rain, basically perfect art making weather!

I’ve been eyeing up this neat yarn wall hanging for a while now. Mainly because it looks simple enough for me to do, and it seems like a reasonable time commitment (read: my main squeeze won’t be on me to clean up my project that’s been dragging on for way too long), and I have a big patch of wall that has been needing some sprucing up for a while. So behold- my lovely new homemade art!

Here is what I gathered:

  1. yarn, I purchased four rolls, but it depends on how many colours you want
  2. a stick or piece of dowl- Hudson and I went and found a nice long stick in the woods- I loved the slight curve and the imperfect look of it
  3. scissors and white glue

It took me around three nice hours from start to finish.

And here is how I made it:

The first step is to cut your yarn into pieces. I cut my pieces around four feet long. I cut all four of my colours at the same time (pulling the yarn from the center of all balls at the same time). This really saved on cutting time, but as I really colour blocked my hanging I had to separate the yarn by colour later- so in the end I don’t think I ended up ahead.

Next hang your stick from something so you can drape the yarn over it…then just squeeze white glue on the top of the stick and get hangin’!

And that is it! Pretty, right? I was going to trim the ends, but I really like the different lengths.

Isn’t it lovely??!! It’s even a great craft for kids.

I got the idea from these nice girls: