The Potty Talk Cure

As you may or may not know, we have been struggling with Potty Talk big time over here.  Fart Fart Poop Penis Bum Fart Face…and that sort of thing.  It was getting so it was almost all Hudson said.  It was so ANNOYING!!!

But not anymore!  He has been cured!  Yay!  Now he has time to say sweet and charming things again.

Hudson is the kind of kid that loves order and rules.  So I drew up a chart, and the deal is he has 5 chances a day to say a bathroom word.  Every time he say’s one, he get’s a big X (that is course he likes putting on himself). If he get’s all 5 X’s, he doesn’t get dessert (I know, bribery is not the best, but boy does  it work).  And then, if he manages not to fill his chart all week, he get’s a little toy or something.

And, it’s working!!  The only day he filled up was the first day…

It’s been great because it opened up dialogue about habits, and how easy it is to get into a bad habit…and how, with hard work you can change, and break habits.

I’m so proud of him for working hard to change this!  He totally inspires me.  I wish X’s on a piece of paper would be motivation for me to change.



Fitness Motivators

nice bum I don’t really like talking about this (but I could go on for a while about it). It makes me feel shallow. And I know there are more important things out there. And I know, we should not care about outward appearances, because what is inside is what counts. Blah blah blah.

But…I REALLY want to lose my last 10lbs of baby weight. I do. Mainly so I fit into my pants sans muffin top. And also, I just want to have a butt I’m proud of. Just even for a month!

The problem (3 of around 30), is that I have literally around six minutes a day to spare to exercise. And I like dessert- a lot. And it is hard for me to keep my motivation up. We moms must all face these problems, right?

That said, something unusual has been happening around here lately…I have had a ton of motivation!!  Which feel amazing.  Really great.  But why?

I think I know! It’s my magazines I’ve been reading on my Next Issue app. Browsing through Fitness and Healthy Eating magazines really seems to be helping. I kid you not. Since I’ve been reading them, I have been running more frequently with longer running times and adding more challenging terrains to my run.  Like today I ran 5K like it was nothing.  And then did a bum and core work out after.  Who am I???

Another site I like for motivation is I’ve added this site to my daily viewing pleasure and love getting little hit’s of tips and inspiration.

I have also downloaded the Barre 3 App. It has a ton of little 10 minute barre workouts- that you can do without any extra equipment- just a chair. I highly recommend this app! Hank usually can amuse himself for 10 minutes (just give him a family size box of kleenex), so I can work on my rear view in the other room!

Or…look here.

What about you? Share your fitness/healthy eating motivation with me. I’d love to know!!!

Fave Friday

What a week!!  We have been seriously in renovation mode.  All rooms cordoned off with big plastic sheets.  Lot’s of people in and out.  Dust, dust, oh, and did I mention dust?

Well, today the drywall was done, so down came the sheets, and out came the vacuum’s, swiffers, J-Cloths, and steam mops!  We are looking ship-shape clean.  And ready for the painters tomorrow!  Yay!

And with that said, here are my favorite things (all unrelated to cleaning)!

First)  HOMELAND- This show is soooooo good I can’t stand it!  And Brody, Brody, BRODY.  I know I am a married woman, but that man (especially in season 3), get’s me.  How was he so not good looking in the beginning, and now such a foxy fox??!


Second)  This cereal by Kashi.  I tried to get of Kashi stuff because I feel like they are one of those giant ‘organic’ corporations that are a bit sleazy.  Most of their stuff is so packed with sugar, and gmo’s.  However, there is nothing to replace it, so I am back on the Kashi.  And this cereal keeps me feeling full until almost lunch time.  Amazing for cereal!


Third)  Magical Natural Medicine.  Hudson had an ear infection and was dying of pain.  I asked my facebook mama friends what they have done to ease the pain of ear infections.  And Onion Compress kept coming up.  I tried it, and it worked. No more pain!!  So thank you facebook mom friends and thank you onions!!!  (Google it for more info).



Fourth)  Motivation!  For some reason I am motivated these days.  I usually run every other day, but I have been on a kick of running two days in a row, with one day off, then the two again.  Sometimes I even, gasp, finish with some squats or something.  Crazy!



Fifth)  Next Issue.  This app- for $9.99 a month.  It is so great, and probably the reason I haven’t been updating my blog as much.  I’ve been too busy reading magazines!!  You can pick from over 100 magazines, you can pick them all if you want.  Fitness, Home, Cooking, Parenting, Gossip, Fashion, Photography, Beauty.   Back Issues, and current issues.  All on your IPad.  Magazine Madness!!



What about you?  What is on your list this week??

Hello! Hi! Ola! Bonjour!

Well I took some time off, and now all six of you have no idea what is happening at the Hetherington McBride household!  Fear not.  I’m feeling motivated and ready to carry on.

Feeling motivated is an understatement.  I am bursting with hope and enthusiasm- this kind of ‘charge’  comes only with the beginning of a new year!  Yippee!!

For starters…home sweet home needs some attention.  We have a giant renovation going on.  Hello new bathroom- soon!  But beyond that we are hoarders.  We have so much stuff.  Toys, coats, Toys, crap, Toys, underwear that is 10 years old, Toys…and so on.  Purge time?  I think so.

Plus I signed up here- with our friends at Apartment Therapy.  They are going to help me refresh my home, one task at a time.  Thank you for that!!

Today’s we have to go through each room and make a list of what needs to be done.  So that is what I’ll do.

Here is my list.  Looks like I will have a whole month of good old fashioned de-cluttering and cleaning to look forward too!  Yay!

messy house


Fat Shaming or just plain HOT and proud?

Well, today is the day I’m supposed to share with you all what I had for dinner last night- you know, for inspiration…however, I was PANICK HUNGRY when dinner came last night, so I just shoved it back and took no pictures or notes…it was Pork Tenderloin, blah blah blah…

Let’s talk about THIS!

hot mom

I was reading my popsugar when I came across this

This ridiculously gorgeous lady posted this picture 3 days after she gave birth.  THREE DAYS!!  Really, how can that even be possible?  HOW??

I understand that not everyone gains 50 lbs like me…but this cannot be real.  For sure you must have a little jello belly for at least a month, at minimum! Right??

Now she is getting trouble for ‘Fat Shaming’.  God.  Give it up people.  Fat Shaming.  Like maybe she’s gloating a bit, but I last I checked she wasn’t shaming anyone.  Maybe those that feel shamed should have a look at that.

And that’s all…I’m off to eat cookies…

Fave Friday- Hank’s Edition

Hank's Favorite Things!


Hank wanted a turn, so I told him he could have this Friday’s showcase of favorite things.  He thought hard about it all week, and this is what he came up with:

Number 1 is a little bowl and a letter (letter P).  I am not kidding when I say this is FAVORITE of all FAVORITE things.  I don’t know why, but it is.  He puts the letter in the bowl, and then puts the bowl on the couch, or the tv stand, or the floor, or in the tee-pee, or in his walker, or on me!  The letter always fall’s out, and he always get’s it, and put’s it back in that little bowl.  For over an hour tonight!

Number 2 is Bunny, Bun Bun, or BooBooBunBun.  Hank LOVES Bunny- he sleeps with him, he plays with him.  If he’s cruising by and see’s bunny laying around (bunny is kinda lazy) he always get so excited!! He loves rubbing his baby (and snotty) head into bunny.  I love bunny, because bunny is so CUTE!  Hudson fell in love with a blue donkey from Walmart (I think).  Now of course, we all love Donkey, even if he was born into evil (at Walmart).

Number 3 is SOCKS!  Hank likes to take them off his feet, and try to put them on his head like a hat- but hey, who doesn’t love to do that?

Number 4 is his Hape Wooden Walker.  Hank is just about 16 months and won’t walk on his own???  Which is fine, except for at the sandy wet park.  But boy can he get around with his squeaky old walker.

Number 5 is his Brother!! Hank LOVES Hudson.  Hud’s is the only one that Hank will consistently give those great big wet open mouth baby kisses to.  Ahhhhhhhh brother love!!

And that is this edition of Baby Hank’s Favorite Things!

Does your lass or lad have anything that stands out???