Fave Friday

What a week!!  We have been seriously in renovation mode.  All rooms cordoned off with big plastic sheets.  Lot’s of people in and out.  Dust, dust, oh, and did I mention dust?

Well, today the drywall was done, so down came the sheets, and out came the vacuum’s, swiffers, J-Cloths, and steam mops!  We are looking ship-shape clean.  And ready for the painters tomorrow!  Yay!

And with that said, here are my favorite things (all unrelated to cleaning)!

First)  HOMELAND- This show is soooooo good I can’t stand it!  And Brody, Brody, BRODY.  I know I am a married woman, but that man (especially in season 3), get’s me.  How was he so not good looking in the beginning, and now such a foxy fox??!


Second)  This cereal by Kashi.  I tried to get of Kashi stuff because I feel like they are one of those giant ‘organic’ corporations that are a bit sleazy.  Most of their stuff is so packed with sugar, and gmo’s.  However, there is nothing to replace it, so I am back on the Kashi.  And this cereal keeps me feeling full until almost lunch time.  Amazing for cereal!


Third)  Magical Natural Medicine.  Hudson had an ear infection and was dying of pain.  I asked my facebook mama friends what they have done to ease the pain of ear infections.  And Onion Compress kept coming up.  I tried it, and it worked. No more pain!!  So thank you facebook mom friends and thank you onions!!!  (Google it for more info).



Fourth)  Motivation!  For some reason I am motivated these days.  I usually run every other day, but I have been on a kick of running two days in a row, with one day off, then the two again.  Sometimes I even, gasp, finish with some squats or something.  Crazy!



Fifth)  Next Issue.  This app- for $9.99 a month.  It is so great, and probably the reason I haven’t been updating my blog as much.  I’ve been too busy reading magazines!!  You can pick from over 100 magazines, you can pick them all if you want.  Fitness, Home, Cooking, Parenting, Gossip, Fashion, Photography, Beauty.   Back Issues, and current issues.  All on your IPad.  Magazine Madness!!



What about you?  What is on your list this week??

  • http://www.handandtheheart.com/ Andrea Laughery

    I just started running again too! Albeit very slowly…but running nonetheless! Ha! :)

    • https://www.lhasaslovelyday.com Lhasa

      Running slow is an accomplishment! Even walking is!! Don’t you think??