Fitness Motivators

nice bum I don’t really like talking about this (but I could go on for a while about it). It makes me feel shallow. And I know there are more important things out there. And I know, we should not care about outward appearances, because what is inside is what counts. Blah blah blah.

But…I REALLY want to lose my last 10lbs of baby weight. I do. Mainly so I fit into my pants sans muffin top. And also, I just want to have a butt I’m proud of. Just even for a month!

The problem (3 of around 30), is that I have literally around six minutes a day to spare to exercise. And I like dessert- a lot. And it is hard for me to keep my motivation up. We moms must all face these problems, right?

That said, something unusual has been happening around here lately…I have had a ton of motivation!!  Which feel amazing.  Really great.  But why?

I think I know! It’s my magazines I’ve been reading on my Next Issue app. Browsing through Fitness and Healthy Eating magazines really seems to be helping. I kid you not. Since I’ve been reading them, I have been running more frequently with longer running times and adding more challenging terrains to my run.  Like today I ran 5K like it was nothing.  And then did a bum and core work out after.  Who am I???

Another site I like for motivation is I’ve added this site to my daily viewing pleasure and love getting little hit’s of tips and inspiration.

I have also downloaded the Barre 3 App. It has a ton of little 10 minute barre workouts- that you can do without any extra equipment- just a chair. I highly recommend this app! Hank usually can amuse himself for 10 minutes (just give him a family size box of kleenex), so I can work on my rear view in the other room!

Or…look here.

What about you? Share your fitness/healthy eating motivation with me. I’d love to know!!!