Gap Always Skinny High Rise Review

Eureka! The Gap finally has a High Rise Skinny Jean!  Obviously I had to rush out and buy some as soon as I heard the good news.  I got the dark wash, but they have a lighter vintage blue and black wash.

high rise

You may remember seeing that I LOVED The Gap’s Jegging…so comfy.  But they were a bit low.  My cursed muffin top was not all sucked in in the Jegging, and left me a little lumpy.  And I had to skootch them up all day long.  Skootch skootch skootch.  So, I was pretty darn excited to try my muffin top in the high rise jean.

And Muffin Top be gone!!! The Always Skinny High Rise go up to just below my belly button.  So I am really all sucked in a supported.  When I bend over, there is no chance anyone will see my cheeks.  And, I didn’t have to pull them up at all. They just stayed nice and high where they were supposed to be.  Hallelujah!!  They fit great in my leg, and I don’t even hate my but in them.

However…they are a jean, not a jegging, so they are NOT as comfortable.  As in, they mildly dig into my stomach (hello red mark).  They are fine for a short period, but when you get home, you will want to change (or undo the button on the drive home).  I tried going up a size, but then the leg was a bit baggy.  Not good.

Verdict:  I will wear them- but they aren’t my salvation in a jean.

Gap, if you’re reading this, four words.  High Rise Skinny Jegging.