Modern Macramé (sort of)

We just spent two days on Saturna Island with my Dad (more on Saturna soon). It was a moody west coast few days with lot’s of clouds and the comforting pitter patter of rain, basically perfect art making weather!

I’ve been eyeing up this neat yarn wall hanging for a while now. Mainly because it looks simple enough for me to do, and it seems like a reasonable time commitment (read: my main squeeze won’t be on me to clean up my project that’s been dragging on for way too long), and I have a big patch of wall that has been needing some sprucing up for a while. So behold- my lovely new homemade art!

Here is what I gathered:

  1. yarn, I purchased four rolls, but it depends on how many colours you want
  2. a stick or piece of dowl- Hudson and I went and found a nice long stick in the woods- I loved the slight curve and the imperfect look of it
  3. scissors and white glue

It took me around three nice hours from start to finish.

And here is how I made it:

The first step is to cut your yarn into pieces. I cut my pieces around four feet long. I cut all four of my colours at the same time (pulling the yarn from the center of all balls at the same time). This really saved on cutting time, but as I really colour blocked my hanging I had to separate the yarn by colour later- so in the end I don’t think I ended up ahead.

Next hang your stick from something so you can drape the yarn over it…then just squeeze white glue on the top of the stick and get hangin’!

And that is it! Pretty, right? I was going to trim the ends, but I really like the different lengths.

Isn’t it lovely??!! It’s even a great craft for kids.

I got the idea from these nice girls: