Hello! Hi! Ola! Bonjour!

Well I took some time off, and now all six of you have no idea what is happening at the Hetherington McBride household!  Fear not.  I’m feeling motivated and ready to carry on.

Feeling motivated is an understatement.  I am bursting with hope and enthusiasm- this kind of ‘charge’  comes only with the beginning of a new year!  Yippee!!

For starters…home sweet home needs some attention.  We have a giant renovation going on.  Hello new bathroom- soon!  But beyond that we are hoarders.  We have so much stuff.  Toys, coats, Toys, crap, Toys, underwear that is 10 years old, Toys…and so on.  Purge time?  I think so.

Plus I signed up here- with our friends at Apartment Therapy.  They are going to help me refresh my home, one task at a time.  Thank you for that!!

Today’s we have to go through each room and make a list of what needs to be done.  So that is what I’ll do.

Here is my list.  Looks like I will have a whole month of good old fashioned de-cluttering and cleaning to look forward too!  Yay!

messy house


The ‘is it enough’ anxiety

Wow, I took a break there.  It was like I had NOTHING to say.  Nothing.  So I guess I didn’t.  But today, I’ve got something (and it’s not about my crappy looking morning outfit- which really I want to- and could, talk about all the time)!

I am having Christmas Present Anxiety!  You must have it too, right?   I think that whatever I have got people, it’s just not enough…and I need to get MORE and MORE and MORE.

Like for instance this year as I mentioned, for the big’s in our family we are trading edible presents.  So I have been making little yummy things for those I love.  Working away in my kitchen have a grand old time.

But tonight, as I am packaging up all this good stuff with care (and cute wrapping!), I am thinking, ‘they aren’t going to like this’!!  They are going to want more! They are going to laugh at me and the things I made!  They want slippers and ties and socks and calendars and and and and…

Crazy thoughts, making me crazy.  I guess the commercialism of it all has burrowed it’s nasty little head deep down inside me, making me feel only content with…


…when really, it is not about stuff, it is about love.  And eating yummy yummies.




Fave Friday Time!



Hello Friday. Hello kick off to the Holiday’s!! It seems that after today, every week coming up holds at least 2 Christmas parties!! Now that I am a moderate mama who likes to go to bed at 8:30, I have to be careful not to get carried away at these party’s…because having wine is fun. And then all of a sudden it seems like fun to have even more wine, and then things get really laughy and giggly…and then mama has a hangover!!


Any-hoo unrelated to that boozy rant is my Fave’s this week.

FAVE Friday



One is that Salton Cinema popcorn maker. I found only 1 unpopped kernel in my popcorn yesterday. That is a good pop to not-pop ratio!

Two is my new plaid shirt from H&M. It has cool old man elbow patches and hides baby smears well.

Three is my new Clinique Mascara. It really doesn’t budge, and then at the end of the day (or at 8:30), it washes right off with just warm water. Completely off. Almost like those tubes!

Four is my Tretorn Snow Boots (because there is snow on the ground- wtf!!), that I got in New York a couple of years ago. Easy to get on and off, warm, and comfortable.

Five is this Christmas Tree. I plain like the way it looks. It doesn’t make my clutter alarm go off. Next year, next year.

What about you? Did you have anything that made your week a little happier??

Great Gifts for a Six Month Old

I received an email from my friend Sarah yesterday (hi Sarah!), she asked me for some idea’s on gifts for a six month old.  This is sort of a hard age, isn’t it? They are just starting to come alive and explore the world around them, yet are still pretty little and care more about you then they do about toy’s.   Most are happy with a spoon and a crummy old tuperware.


But it’s fun to get gifts for them…so here’s what I remember of Hank at this age.  He liked colorful things, things that move easily, like a sturdy car for pushing.  He could flip through board books- I like the ones with only 1 or 2 words per page.  He liked things that made noise.  And he liked me!!


That said, here is a round up of what I would get a six month old…and make sure to check out this link- it’s a Baby’s first Christmas  round up I wrote for Victoria Mom- and bonus, everything can be personalized!! Yippee!!

gifts for a six month old

fun keysbead mazesqueeze blockshaba super soft tri balltails bookgreen push car,each peach pear plumbest slippers everdoggy rattlehi

Fat Shaming or just plain HOT and proud?

Well, today is the day I’m supposed to share with you all what I had for dinner last night- you know, for inspiration…however, I was PANICK HUNGRY when dinner came last night, so I just shoved it back and took no pictures or notes…it was Pork Tenderloin, blah blah blah…

Let’s talk about THIS!

hot mom

I was reading my popsugar when I came across this

This ridiculously gorgeous lady posted this picture 3 days after she gave birth.  THREE DAYS!!  Really, how can that even be possible?  HOW??

I understand that not everyone gains 50 lbs like me…but this cannot be real.  For sure you must have a little jello belly for at least a month, at minimum! Right??

Now she is getting trouble for ‘Fat Shaming’.  God.  Give it up people.  Fat Shaming.  Like maybe she’s gloating a bit, but I last I checked she wasn’t shaming anyone.  Maybe those that feel shamed should have a look at that.

And that’s all…I’m off to eat cookies…

Idea’s for a clutter free Christmas


christmas clutter Tick-tock…Christmas is a coming!!  And I am deeply afraid of the scene in that picture!!  Deeply.

Now, let me say this up front. I’m not a person who poo-poo’s presents like I’m to good for them. I am not, and I LOVE getting presents- I really do. So as I write this, it’s not coming from a place of not liking getting stuff and being all high and mighty.

Of course, giving gifts is great too!!  Really great.  Almost better then getting them!

But, like everyone else these days, I am running out of room for all the ‘stuff’.  I have everything I want…and what I want for, I usually just go and get it for myself. After all, I am a shopper.

Do you feel the same?  Yes, right?  Don’t you just want to have a lovely and amazing and clutter free Christmas- yet still have the joy of opening and giving presents??

Here are some great idea’s that allow you and your people to still have all the fun of presents,  that won’t produce too much more clutter, and above all actually carry meaning:

  • Give the gift of an outing- tickets to something, dinner,  a manicure- that kind of thing
  • Or- a class, yoga, writing, knitting…
  • Booze.  What family member wouldn’t like some liquor cabinet love?
  • Give a gift that helps others, kiva is an amazing organization. Or give a goat.
  • Give something hand-made.  A wonky scarf, made with love.  A picture calendar.  Christmas Decorations…so many choices…
  • AN EMERGENCY KIT- I just got excited about this one, but what a great gift to get.  Right?
  • Magazine subscriptions…mildly cluttery- but what to get a juicy piece of mail every month.

This year, we Hetherington/McBride/DuBois/Porter’s decided that we would get gift’s for the little’s, but for the big’s (us), we would do an edible Christmas.  This mean’s we bake, can, pickle, whatever…something delicious for one another!  I am in love with this idea- I mean, what adult doesn’t like to eat.

What about you?  Do you have any clutter free present idea’s?

My New (almost) Mom Uniform

Jeans, leggings, jeans, leggings, jeans, leggings, jeans, leggings, gap shirt. Everyday. Same. Mom. Uniform. Same mom uniform. BORING!!!

I need to step it up a bit here people. Just a bit! A tiny bit. I’m wanting to try a more grown up put together look, all while maintaining comfort. Right? A mama has to be comfortable- and a mama has to be ok with whatever outfit she has getting food/snot/other baby goo (you know what I mean, you do) on it.

So, here is what I’m thinking- dresses! It’s just one item, put it on with some tights, and wear with favorite boots. Now I know this is not rocket science to some of you, but I am a serious jean’s girl, and have never sported this look. I love the textured and patterned tights.

dress tights

Check out Glamour’s list of Do’s and Don’ts for dress/tight wearing. I love these lists…

Now- how do I wear a winter coat with these pretty looks??

Fave Friday- Hank’s Edition

Hank's Favorite Things!


Hank wanted a turn, so I told him he could have this Friday’s showcase of favorite things.  He thought hard about it all week, and this is what he came up with:

Number 1 is a little bowl and a letter (letter P).  I am not kidding when I say this is FAVORITE of all FAVORITE things.  I don’t know why, but it is.  He puts the letter in the bowl, and then puts the bowl on the couch, or the tv stand, or the floor, or in the tee-pee, or in his walker, or on me!  The letter always fall’s out, and he always get’s it, and put’s it back in that little bowl.  For over an hour tonight!

Number 2 is Bunny, Bun Bun, or BooBooBunBun.  Hank LOVES Bunny- he sleeps with him, he plays with him.  If he’s cruising by and see’s bunny laying around (bunny is kinda lazy) he always get so excited!! He loves rubbing his baby (and snotty) head into bunny.  I love bunny, because bunny is so CUTE!  Hudson fell in love with a blue donkey from Walmart (I think).  Now of course, we all love Donkey, even if he was born into evil (at Walmart).

Number 3 is SOCKS!  Hank likes to take them off his feet, and try to put them on his head like a hat- but hey, who doesn’t love to do that?

Number 4 is his Hape Wooden Walker.  Hank is just about 16 months and won’t walk on his own???  Which is fine, except for at the sandy wet park.  But boy can he get around with his squeaky old walker.

Number 5 is his Brother!! Hank LOVES Hudson.  Hud’s is the only one that Hank will consistently give those great big wet open mouth baby kisses to.  Ahhhhhhhh brother love!!

And that is this edition of Baby Hank’s Favorite Things!

Does your lass or lad have anything that stands out???

PB&J or Bust

pb and j Hudson used to  be such a good lunch eater guy…I could pack some pretty amazingly healthful  sandwiches, like good old  Hummus and Grated Carrot or  Cream Cheese and Avocado- and he would gobble them up, lickety split.

But now, he has put a moratorium on anything non PB&J.  Luckily he has made an allowance and let me swap the Peanut Butter to Almond Butter…so now it’s AB&J or nothing.

Of course, I worry about this, and so far haven’t relented on my mission to MAKE him eat a variety of things- so I still pack the old favorites…but everyday they come back home, with only a few bites gone.  What a waste!

So then I ask myself what is the harm in Almond Butter? You get vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Almonds are a good fiber source and also contain protein. Because of their high monounsaturated fat content, almonds are considered a healthy food choice. Almonds or almond butter provide healthy fat not typically found in foods high in saturated fats.

Essentially, he is still getting nutrition, all that good stuff above, a hit of protein, some good carbs in the whole grain bread we use, and we use homemade Jam, and most importantly he WILL EAT IT!!

I think my instance has also made this more then a lunch issue, but a real true life power struggle between mother and son, and is a bit ruining our lives.  Unnecessary strife over a sandwich- really??  Really, I ask??

So, for these coming weeks I have decided to run an experiment.  I will ask him each day what he wants, and pack him that (clearly it will be AB&J), eliminating the battle, and ensuring that at least the little chap eat’s something.

Who knows, maybe he will grow tired of AB&J, and his body will crave something else.  If not, at least it’s a darn easy make!

What do you other smart mama’s think?  How do you instill a love a variety? Or do you just give in and make what they like and what they will eat?

Do share???


Jamie’s Squash & Spinach pasta rotolo

Here is a yummy Tuesday night dinner for you to try (Jamie Oliver’s Squash Pasta)- it’s a bit labour intensive- not to crazy, but more so then ordering pizza:


jamie's pasta

I’ll give you the gist of it, as you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put it together…oh and it’s from page 34 or Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie book if you want the real dealy-o.

- get a package of fresh lasagna noodles (you know, where they sell the fresh ravioli’s and stuff…)

- roast some squash, scoop out and mash (or pull a bag or your Halloween pumpkin puree!)

-on medium heat sauté some onion, add a whole bunch of fresh spinach, or a package of frozen spinach with some fresh thyme, cook until all the moisture is evaporated out

-empty a jar of good tomato sauce into the bottom of big oven safe dish

- now for the fun, get your pasta sheet, spread some squash on it, then spread some of the spinach/onion mixture, sprinkle some feta and roll on up (fun for the kids to do)

- now cut into 4, and place in the tomato sauce- top with some grated parm

- do this for all of the sheets…and bake for around 35 minutes at 350

I like the idea of this, you can put whatever you want inside the pasta…it was fun to make, and fun to eat (plus it tasted real good- the pasta that cooked in the sauce was all soft and the top bits were crunchy).

Now, please, tell me…what did you have for dinner last night???