The Potty Talk Cure

As you may or may not know, we have been struggling with Potty Talk big time over here.  Fart Fart Poop Penis Bum Fart Face…and that sort of thing.  It was getting so it was almost all Hudson said.  It was so ANNOYING!!!

But not anymore!  He has been cured!  Yay!  Now he has time to say sweet and charming things again.

Hudson is the kind of kid that loves order and rules.  So I drew up a chart, and the deal is he has 5 chances a day to say a bathroom word.  Every time he say’s one, he get’s a big X (that is course he likes putting on himself). If he get’s all 5 X’s, he doesn’t get dessert (I know, bribery is not the best, but boy does  it work).  And then, if he manages not to fill his chart all week, he get’s a little toy or something.

And, it’s working!!  The only day he filled up was the first day…

It’s been great because it opened up dialogue about habits, and how easy it is to get into a bad habit…and how, with hard work you can change, and break habits.

I’m so proud of him for working hard to change this!  He totally inspires me.  I wish X’s on a piece of paper would be motivation for me to change.



  • Peggy Hansen

    Lhasa you are a genius. I am proud of both of you!