Pretty Heart Mobile



What do you do when you are feeling a little depressed that January is creeping gloomily and slowly by?? With no signs of spring? In a house that is undergoing reno’s, so it’s covered in dust? And no amount of cleaning will combat it? 20140123-104621.jpg


You manically start cutting out hearts in cheerful colours. And just shrug when your husband say’s, ‘I don’t like the looks of this’. 20140123-104630.jpg


Then you get out your (dusty) sewing machine. And sew the little hearts together, leaving a space between each one. 20140123-104639.jpg

Then you start to feel better as strands of bright hearts appear before your eyes.

Then you stand on the table, with the baby watching, and wondering, and wanting to do the same, and you pin the lively little strands to the ceiling. Ignoring the fact that you still have just bare bulbs where the light fixtures you agonized over buying should be.

When you hop down off of the table, and have a look at what you have just done, you feel much better and happier.

The End.