Victoria with Kids- the book!

Victoria with Kids I am so excited to share my news…I have written a book!!  Yes, you read that correctly, A BOOK!  And not just any book, but a book that is near and dear to my heart.  It’s a travel book, called Victoria with Kids- eat play shop.  Tag line, an essential guide for cool parents and their children.

This book is chock-a-block full of information.  The kind of family fun information that I am always seeking on any of our travels. Like:  What touristy stuff is worth doing?  Where are the playgroups?  Where is good to eat, but quick, but good??  Is there a playground near by? What about somewhere to shop??

Right?  That is the stuff you want to know.

So this book has that. It is broken down into neighborhoods, so parents can easily and immediately find the good stuff, and don’t have to waste precious time searching.

There is also write ups on beaches, little mini kid hikes, one day classes, and even date night ideas…and more!!  It’s perfect for families visiting us, or even grandparents that live here, but need so ideas (hint hint- dad).

It is available right now on Amazon and Ibooks as an e-book…coming to soon to print!