What’s in your Purse (skid edition)

Today I caught up with the lovely Lhasa Hetherington.  She was  rushing out of her car, purse casually slung over her shoulder, and a baby on her hip.

photo 3-3


‘Lhasa, Lhasa,’ I shouted, ‘tell us, what’s in your purse??’

Gracious as she is, she not only told me what she was carting around, but she pulled out some of her favorites.

Excitedly Lhasa beamed at me, healthy skin glowing and glossy hair catching in the breeze,  she starting explaining why she always carry’s certain … oh wait.  I’m Lhasa, and my purse is a freaking disgusting mess!  GROSS. If you see me and my purse coming your way, cross the street.

I mean, where is my clique eye roller and my lip balm I can’t live with out.  Where is my emergency Lara bar?  What about my Burts Bee’s hand cream?  My herbal detox tea?  How about my package of Emergen-C?  Or my eye Kindle? Maybe buried under the GROSS snot rags?  Maybe tangled up in the GARBAGE that I cary around.  Maybe shoved in a snack trap.